Key Figures


2013 consolidated (In millions of CHF)
Sales 92 158
Trading operating profit 14 047
as % of sales 15.2%
Profit for the period attributable to shareholders of the parent
(Net profit)
10 015
as % of sales 10.9%
Equity attributable to shareholders of the parent before proposed appropriations of profit of Nestlé S.A. 62 575
Market capitalisation, end December 208 279
Operating cash flow 14 992
Free cash flow(a) 10 486
Capital expenditure 4 928
as % of sales 5.3%
Net financial debt 14 690
Ratio of net financial debt to equity (gearing) 23.5%
Per share data (CHF)
Total basic earnings per share 3.14
Underlying(b) 3.50
Dividend as proposed by the Board of Directors of Nestlé S.A. 2.15
Stock exchange prices (high/low) 70.00 / 59.20
Yield(c) 3.1 / 3.6%

(a) Operating cash flow less capital expenditure, expenditure on intangible assets, sale of property, plant and equipment, investments (net of disinvestments) in associates and other investing cash flows.

(b) Profit per share for the year attributable to shareholders of the parent before impairments, restructuring costs, results on disposals and significant one-off items. The tax impact from the adjusted items is also adjusted for.

(c) Calculated on the basis of the dividend for the year concerned, which is paid in the following year, and on high/low stock prices.