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Standard & Poor's Moody's Fitch Ratings
Short term A1+ P1 F1+
Long term AA Aa2 AA
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The Nestlé Group sources most of its debt financing directly from the debt capital markets. Please find below a list of our principal capital market debt facilities.

Issuance programmes:

Currency Amount Guaranteed Issuers
Global Commercial Paper Programme EUR 8 billion Yes NCC
4(2) US Commercial Paper Programme USD 15 billion Yes NCC
Billets de Trésorerie French Commercial Paper EUR 2 billion Yes NFI
Canadian Commercial Paper CAD 1.2 billion Yes NCCa
Debt Issuance Programme (DIP) Yes NHI and NFI -– NHI also can (and has in the past) issue unguaranteed notes under the DIP. Issues under the DIP may be listed on the London Stock Exchange.


NHI Nestlé Holdings, Inc. (USA)
NCC Nestlé Capital Corporation (USA)
NFI Nestlé Finance International Ltd. (Lux)
NHUK   Nestlé Holding (U.K.) PLC
NAL Nestlé Australia Ltd (ACN 000 011 316)
NCCa Nestlé Capital Canada Limited


Bank facilities

  1. EUR 5 billion equivalent – Dual tranche Syndicated Revolving credit facility (including swingline facility) - general corporate purposes - Nestlé S.A. - 5 year facility dated 1 October 2013, EUR 143.2 million expiring on 1 October 2019 and the remainder expiring on 1 October 2020.
  2. EUR 6.5 billion equivalent – Dual tranche Syndicated Revolving credit facility – general corporate purposes – Nestlé S.A. – 12 month facility dated 22 October 2015 and expiring on 21 October 2016. Nestlé S.A. has an extension option for a further 12 month period and a term-out option for a 12 month period.

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