Nestlé Finance International Ltd (LUX)

Base Prospectus Debt Issuance Programme (DIP) - 19 May 2017 pdf, 2Mb

Nestlé has passported its DIP Prospectus into the following European Economic
Area Member States : Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Issues under the DIP may be listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Bonds currently outstanding under the DIP:

ISIN Number Maturity Issue  Date  Coupon
Rate %
Currency Amount
Issued (mio)
XS0805500062 19 July 19 19 July 12 1.50 EUR 500 pdf, 140Kb
XS0860561942 30 Nov 23 30 Nov 12 2.25 GBP 400 pdf, 260Kb
XS0925668625 04 May 20 02 May 13 1.25 EUR 500 pdf, 59Kb
XS0969795680 10 Sep 21 12 Sep 13 2.125 EUR 500 pdf. 421Kb
XS1132789949 08 Nov 21 07 Nov 14 0.750 EUR 500 pdf, 104Kb
XS0826531120 12 Sep 22 12 Sep 12 1.750 EUR 850 pdf, 136Kb
XS1319652902 16 May 23 16 Nov 15 0.750 EUR 500 pdf, 105Kb

Please note that all above bonds are guaranteed by Nestlé S.A.

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