Aero chocolate biscuit launched in the UK and Ireland

May 4, 2011
Aero Biscuit AERO BISCUIT: The new biscuit bars combine the iconic brand’s air-bubble filled chocolate with round pieces of biscuit.

Nestlé’s Aero chocolate bar brand has launched its first ever biscuit in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Aero Biscuit, which combines the iconic brand’s air-bubble filled chocolate with round pieces of biscuit, is aimed particularly at women aged from 25 to 44.

Graham Walker, Trade Communications Manager for Nestlé UK, explained the significance of the new Aero addition.

He said: “Aero Biscuit will bring consumers who currently buy chocolate confectionery into the biscuit category.

“The great combination of Aero bubbly chocolate and crunchy biscuit bubbles makes it ideal for consumers looking for a sweet snack.

“It will be sold in multi-packs of seven individually wrapped biscuit bars, which people can find in the biscuit aisles of most major supermarkets in the United Kingdom and Ireland.”

Aero Biscuit has been developed as part of Nestlé’s drive to make 2011 a ‘huge year’ for the Aero brand in the UK and Ireland.

It is one of series of new innovations to the Aero range which the Company is backing with the biggest media spend in the brand's 75-year history.

To promote the Aero Biscuit launch, Nestlé has commissioned a new a TV advertisement which will begin airing in the UK and Ireland this week.

Scene from the Aero Biscuit TV advert TV ADVERTISEMENT: The new 'incredi-bubble' Aero Biscuit ad continues the 'bubble-speak' campaign that began earlier this year. Watch the video

Expected to reach more than 33 million adults, the advertisement for 'incredi-bubble' Aero Biscuit continues the 'bubble-speak' campaign that began earlier this year with the launch of three other new products.

These are: 'irresisti-bubble' Aero Caramel, a milk chocolate bar topped with a smooth caramel layer; the 'sharea-bubble' Aero Orange large block bar for eating at home with family and friends; and the 'luva-bubble' Aero Lamb, a cute, limited edition lamb-shaped snack launched especially for Easter.

Nestlé Aero

Nestlé’s Aero brand is also available in variety of other countries worldwide including Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

In Brazil, the chocolate is sold under the brand name Suflair, while in Hungary it is sold as Boci Aero, and in the Netherlands it is branded as Bros.

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