Nestlé reaffirms investment in Egypt to boost growth

May 30, 2012
EgyptREAFFIRMING COMMITMENT: Continuing to create jobs and better serve consumers in Egypt.

Nestlé is celebrating over 100 years in Egypt by reaffirming a four year CHF 151 million (1 billion Egyptian pounds) investment plan in the country, creating jobs and enabling the company to better serve local consumers.

The investment programme announced in 2011, in the company’s existing factories and distribution centres, reflects confidence in the future prospects of a market where Nestlé has been present since the early years of the last century.

Around 200 jobs have been created as a result of the first tranche of investment worth more than CHF 75 million (500 million Egyptian pounds).

The company will invest the remaining CHF 75 million as planned and create more than 300 new jobs by 2014.

Needs and aspirations

“We believe that our long-term presence in this region – in more stable and in more challenging times – and our many investments and initiatives are a clear illustration of our commitment to this country and this region,” said Paul Bulcke, Chief Executive Officer for Nestlé.

“These investments will allow us to serve more consumers even better, and to better adapt our products to their needs and aspirations.

“That is why we have invested, and continue to invest, heavily in this country,” he added.

Long-term presence

Nestlé began selling its products in Egypt over 100 years ago.

Today Nestlé Egypt has three factories, seven distribution centres and employs over 3,000 people.

"These investments will allow us to serve more consumers even better, and to better adapt our products to their needs and aspirations."Paul Bulcke, Chief Executive Officer for Nestlé.

Accelerate our growth

The investment pledge was reaffirmed at an event in Cairo, the capital of Egypt to mark the company’s presence in Egypt for more than 100 years.

Mr Bulcke was joined by Nandu Nandkishore, Head of Zone Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East, and Suresh Narayanan, Head of the Nestlé North East African Region.

“Egypt plays an important role in our company and we are investing to accelerate our growth in this amazing country,” said Mr Nandkishore.

Creating Shared Value in Egypt

Nestlé Egypt is also continuing to support local communities through its initiatives and programmes.

The company signed a five year partnership with the Ministry of Education to roll out its Abnaa Asehaa project nationally, which is part of its Healthy Kids Global Programme.

The project is helping to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness through nutrition education and physical activity to over 500,000 children in more than 750 schools in Egypt.

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