The Nestlé Nutrition Institute hosts two symposia for paediatricians

Jul 1, 2011
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The Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI) held two satellite symposia at the 44th annual meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN), in Sorrento, Italy in May 2011. The symposia attendees were mainly paediatricians.

The first symposium considered how individualised infant nutrition is key to improving healthy growth and development. The topics included:

  • The dynamic composition of breast milk
  • The use of partially hydrolysed proteins to induce oral tolerance
  • The use of specific probiotics to manage and prevent infections

The second symposium considered the importance of an holistic approach in paediatric nutrition to improve overall health prospects of sick children. The topics included:

  • The importance of the quantity and quality of protein for improving growth and cognitive function
  • The role of fat blends in infant nutrition for long term health
  • The role of probiotics in helping to reduce and prevent atopic dermatitis and antibiotic associated diarrhoea

These symposia help to fulfil the mission of the NNI, which is to partner with health professionals by offering personalized nutrition information, education and networking.
Further details are provided in the two news releases below.

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