Nestlé adds augmented reality to its cereal boxes worldwide

Apr 7, 2011
packshots CEREAL BOXES: Brands such as Chocapic, Nesquik and Cini-Minis are among those included in the interactive promotion.

Nestlé innovatively transforms millions of its cereal boxes into a video game to offer people a unique online virtual experience.

The Company has added 3D augmented reality to over 26 million of its cereal boxes in 53 countries for Twentieth Century Fox’s new animated film RIO. RIO is the story of Blu, a bird from a small Midwestern town who cannot fly but who suddenly finds himself in the colourful, exciting and magical world of Rio, where he ultimately discovers that he has what it takes to really soar.

Cereal brands such as Nesquik, Chocapic, Cookie Crisp, Cini-Minis, Estrelitas, Honey Stars, Koko Krunch Milo, Nescau and Trix are among those included in the interactive promotion.

Combining augmented reality with 3D animation, the fun game was created by Augmented Reality designers Dassault Systèmes. (See the game in action on Dassault Systèmes website)

Using a tag cut out from the back of the cereal box, players can interact with the main RIO bird character Blu, by using a computer with a webcam, internet connection and an online augmented reality application.

Players can then also discover another RIO character called Jewel, and make them virtually come to life in a real personal environment enriched with 3D backgrounds.

In its third consecutive collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, Nestlé launched its first successful marketing initiative in France in 2009, winning a prestigious French "Observatoire de l’innovation publicitaire” award a year later.

Patrick Schoellhammer, Promotions Director for Cereal Partners Worldwide, explained its international reach and said: "Nestlé has always been a pioneer in digital marketing and having successfully tested the 3D experiential technology in our breakfast cereals in the French market, it was the right next step to run a programme internationally.”

Get involved – use the tag cut out from the back of the Nestlé promotional cereal boxes and log on to