Nestlé chocolates invite romantics to share their love stories

Feb 9, 2011

Two of Nestlé’s most romantic confectionery brands will invite people to share their love stories on Valentine’s Day.

Rolo and Baci Perugina are marking the annual celebration of affection - observed by many countries on February 14 - with creative new ways for people to talk about their loved ones.

Do you love anyone enough?

Rolo competition ROLO-YALTY: The search has begun for the United Kingdom's Rolo couple of the year.

In the United Kingdom, ahead of the official royal wedding of the Queen’s grandson in April, the Rolo brand is launching a search for the nation’s favourite ‘Rolo-yal’ couple.

The 16-week competition, which begins today, invites fans of the milk chocolate coated caramel to share their romantic stories and photos on Facebook.

The winning pair will be treated like ‘Rolo-yalty’ for a weekend, with a chauffeur-driven trip around London and a night in one of the British capital’s top hotels.

Ally Ross, Assistant Brand Manager for Rolo in the United Kingdom and Ireland, explained why Valentine’s Day was perfect for the competition launch.

She said: “People in the United Kingdom have associated Rolo with romance for years, thanks to the famous long-running advertising slogan ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’

Rolo sharing bag LOVE TO SHARE: Rolo has launched a new sharing bag in the UK and Ireland.

“In 2010, we invited fans to send someone their ‘virtual’ last Rolo via Facebook. The brilliant response showed us how much people like to engage with the brand and share their stories.

“This year, they will have even more opportunities to tell us about someone special. We expect to hear about partners, mums, grandparents, friends, and even pets!”

Every week of the competition, independent judges will select people for smaller prizes including weekend breaks and ‘Rolo-yal’ wedding memorabilia, such as cups and tea towels. The winning couple will be announced in April.

Rolo chocolate caramels are also available in other countries including Canada, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Italy's longest love letter PART OF THE STORY: People across Italy can add their messages to the country's longest love letter.

Say it with a kiss

In Italy, Baci Perugina praline will create the country’s longest love letter on February 14.

Major galleries in Milan, Rome and Naples, and Sanremo and Perugia, will host large-scale Baci Perugina visitor books for people to write their own definitions of love.

The books will be joined together to form a love letter – potentially kilometres-long – which will be kept in the museum of Perugia, the town from where Baci Perugina originates.

Created in 1922, each Baci Perugina, which means ‘kiss’ in Italian, is an individually wrapped dark praline with a chopped hazelnut filling and a whole hazelnut centre. Every praline contains a message in its silver wrapping.

Antonia Savio, Category Marketing Manager for Baci Perugina, explained why it has such a special place in the hearts of Italian people.

She said: “Baci Perugina is the market leader on Valentine’s Day in Italy. Here, 99% of consumers recognise the brand as the ‘ambassador of love’.

Every Valentine’s Day, we release a range of new products for people of all ages to communicate different kinds of affection - from cuddly toys for children, to red roses and Baci Perugina gift sets for adults.

“This year, our love letter will unite Italy from North to South. It will go on permanent display in the museum of Perugia, so people can be part of the Baci Perugina story forever.”

Baci Perugina AMBASSADOR OF LOVE: Baci Perugina has a special place in Italians' hearts.

Italian consumers’ enduring connection with Baci Perugina is explained not only by the brand’s rich 89-year history, but also its ability to successfully combine traditional and new media communications.

Earlier this week, Baci Perugina released a new advertising commercial on television and You Tube, showing two lovers kissing in the rain.

Within two days it featured on the You Tube homepage as one of the most popular videos of the week, with more than 50,000 views.

On Facebook, where Baci Perugina has more than 870,000 fans, the brand is inviting people to submit their most romantic photos for Valentine’s Day. The best images will be featured in a virtual gallery on the fan page and also on the main Baci Perugina website.

Fans will also have the opportunity to reserve a ‘ticket’ to view the hit 2007 Italian film Lezioni di Cioccolato (Lessons in Chocolate) on the Facebook fan page on the evening of February 14, with the chance to win a day on the set of the new sequel, Lezioni di Cioccolato 2.

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