Nestlé congratulates Professor Keiko Abe

Jun 17, 2010
University of Tokyo gate UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO: Professor Abe is based in the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Tokyo.

Nestlé congratulates Professor Keiko Abe for being awarded the Japanese Medal of Honour with Purple Ribbon by Emperor Akihito. She received this prestigious award on May 14 at the Imperial Palace, Tokyo, in recognition of her lifelong research on food science in general and taste biology in particular.

The Japanese Medals of Honour were first awarded in 1882. There are six types of award, each denoted by the colour of the ribbon that accompanies it. The Medal of Honour with purple ribbon, which was introduced in 1955, is awarded in recognition of academic or artistic achievements.

Nestlé is delighted that Japan has bestowed this award on Professor Abe, whose work has helped to provide the scientific basis for understanding how the body senses different tastes in foods. Professor Abe is based in the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The University of Tokyo, and is a member of the Nestlé Sponsored Research Program "Food for Life".

Professor Abe has recently been appointed as a member of the Corporate Nestlé Nutrition Council. The Nestlé Nutrition Council was originally formed in 1978, with the remit of providing up to date information and advice on nutrition matters to Nestlé’s top management. The council members are all renowned experts in their respective fields of expertise, and bring multidisciplinary perspectives to the area of Nutrition, Health and Wellness as well as emerging fields of nutrition.

Professor Abe also chairs the Nestlé Nutrition Council of Japan, which was founded in 2005 to promote nutrition research, especially by young Japanese scientists.

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