Nestlé kicks off ‘huge year’ for Aero in the UK and Ireland

Jan 21, 2011
Aero Caramel advertising NEW AERO CARAMEL: A light but satisfying treat free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

Nestlé will make 2011 a ‘huge year’ for Aero in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a series of exciting innovations to the air-bubble filled milk chocolate range.

The new twists will be communicated to Aero fans via a highly interactive 'bubble-speak' campaign, backed by the biggest media spend in the brand's 75 year history.

The first major wave kicks off this month with the re-release of 'irresisti-bubble' Aero Caramel. The investment aims to strengthen Nestlé’s presence in the caramel variant chocolate bar market, worth an estimated GBP 196m in the UK.

Offering five easy-to-break portions of milk chocolate topped with a smooth caramel layer, the new Aero Caramel recipe is an improvement on the single bar first introduced in 2004.

At less than 200 calories and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, it is targeted at on-the-go consumers looking for a light but satisfying treat.

Now on shelves, Aero Caramel will be boosted by an intensive five-week television push from 26 January, followed by a two-week outdoor advertising drive from 1 February.

Ten major British cities - including London, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh - will host large scale touch-screen billboards inviting people to take the ‘lovea-bubble’ test.

Digital activity, also beginning on 1 February, will centre around the brand’s Facebook and You Tube fan pages.

Throughout the year, Nestlé will release 100 ‘remarka-bubble’ online films, each introducing a new word to the ‘bubble-speak’ vocabulary.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager, explained: “We are pulling out all the stops with this major creative campaign. It builds on the brand’s association with fun by encouraging fans to interact with the brand on a regular basis.”

Aero Caramel is already the second innovation to the Aero range this month, following the launch of the new Aero Orange ‘sharea-bubble’ block for home consumption.

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