Nestlé pilots social commerce with new interactive site for German consumers

Sep 1, 2011
la Escuelita

Nestlé today launches a new, interactive online social commerce platform in Germany to engage with consumers while providing greater access to its products.

The Nestlé Marketplace (Marktplatz) website - a pilot venture for the Company - is the first social commerce platform of its kind in Germany from a food and beverage manufacturer of Nestlé’s size and range.

Consumers will not only have the opportunity to purchase products from Nestlé’s German portfolio online, but also to rate, comment on and ask questions about each one.

People can share their recipe tips and suggestions directly and can also submit their ideas for new Nestlé products and packaging, a selection of which will be posted on the site.

Baci Perugina pralines ACCESS TO FOREIGN PRODUCTS: German consumers will be able to buy foreign Nestlé products - such as Baci Perugina pralines - which are not available through traditional retail channels in the country.

With more than 1,500 products and 72 different brands available online, Nestlé Germany expects around three million visits to the platform within the first year.

Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Germany, explained how the Nestlé Marketplace will work and said: “We are encouraging two-way communication with consumers; allowing them to tell us what they like, but also what they think we could improve.

“We want to be inspired by people’s ideas and to enable them to take an active part in helping us shape not only the future of the Nestlé Marketplace, but also of our products.”

Within the platform’s offering are around 100 foreign Nestlé products that cannot be bought through traditional German retail channels, such as Baci Perugina chocolate pralines from Italy and extra-spicy Maggi chilli sauce from Malaysia.

These will be available alongside local best sellers and seasonal and speciality offers, as well as entirely new products and innovations not yet on commercial sale.

Mr Berssenbrügge continued and said: “Every fourth person in Germany makes food purchases on the Internet, while around 1.5 billion Google searches here relate to the food sector.

“By the end of this year, online sales of food and beverages in Germany are expected to exceed EUR 500 million, so it is clearly an important area where we have a real opportunity to engage with consumers.”

Nestlé Marketplace ideas page TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Visitors to the Nestlé Marketplace can rate, comment on and ask questions about the Company's products, share recipe tips and submit their ideas for new products and packaging.

Visitors to the Nestlé Marketplace can search for products using a variety of detailed criteria including taste, packaging, colour, specific occasion or diet. Nutritional information can also be found for each product.

The site currently features a selection of different shopping ‘stalls’, which also incorporate consumer ideas and feedback.

Finally, it includes more in-depth information about Nestlé, with details on the Company’s commitment to creating shared value for the communities where it operates, sustainability, innovation, quality and safety.

The Nestlé Marketplace website is supported by a Facebook page - launched in August - which aims to create a lively space for discussion about the Company’s brands, food and cooking.

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