Nestlé ranks in the Top 50 of the World’s Most Attractive Employers

Sep 28, 2010
Nestlé Employees WORKPLACE WELLNESS: Over 95% of surveyed Nestlé markets around the world either have workplace wellness programmes in place or have them under development. These are diverse in nature, but in general they provide nutrition information and fitness centres.

Nestlé ranks in the Top 50 of the World’s Most Attractive Employers 2010 index by global employer branding group Universum, in a report published today.

Nestlé stepped up five places from last year in the Engineering category to 19th place.  Also, in the Business category, the Company landed at 21st place, up three spots from 2009.

Based on the frequency of being selected as an ‘Ideal Employer’ by career seekers in the world’s 12 largest economies – such as the United States, Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil and India – the target group comprised of around 130,000 career seekers who are studying for degrees in one of the world’s reputed academic institutions.

Lovisa Öhnell, Research and Consulting Director for Universum, said: “Multinational corporations are increasingly aware of the current and future challenges of a shrinking workforce.  To counter problems in securing their talent pipeline requires a talent attraction and employer branding strategy.  The companies that will be able to draw this next generation of top talents are presented in Universum’s global talent attraction index 2010.”

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