Nestlé sails supermarket on the Amazon

Jun 18, 2010
Nestlé floating supermarket 

The first Nestlé floating supermarket will set sail on the Brazilian Amazon to extend its reach to over 800,000 customers.

Named Nestlé Até Você a Bordo – or Nestlé Takes You Onboard – the barge will journey to 18 small cities from July 1 for nearly 3 weeks, docking one day in each city. Leaving the Brazilian port of Belém, the vessel will sail to the region of Marajó Island to the city of Almeirim, into the Baixo Amazonas, or the Amazon Lowlands region, before returning to Belém.

Ivan Zurita, CEO of Nestlé Brazil, said: “It will be a service to the population of the Amazon, who has streets and avenues in the form of rivers. It is a project aligned with our concept of Regionalisation, based on the different profiles of consumers, where we deal with each region as a different area.”

alt text here please SHOPPING ON-BOARD: Offering over 300 well-known Nestlé brands including Ninho, Maggi and Nescafé, the Company has adapted its products by offering smaller and cheaper versions for low-income customers. More photos on Flickr

Offering over 300 well-known Nestlé brands on-board including Ninho, Maggi and Nescafé, the Company has adapted its products to the region by offering smaller and cheaper versions for more accessibility for low-income customers.

With a visual Nestlé logo, the boat also provides access for disabled and elderly people. Eleven people, among the supermarket’s employees and crew members, will work on a daily basis on the 27.5m long boat housing three stock areas and 100m² store space.

Launched as another project to reach out the remote and low-income regions, the initiative mirrors the door-to-door sales system already undertaken by the Company, which currently counts on more than 7.5 thousand re-sellers and 220 micro-distributors in 15 states in Brazil.

In addition, the floating supermarket develops another trading channel which offers access to Nutrition, Health and Wellness to the remote communities in the north region of Brazil.

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