Nestlé tops the food industry patent filings

Mar 31, 2010
Nespresso capsule LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Nespresso is protected by over 1,700 patents, both on the capsule and how the capsule interacts with the machine.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) recently announced its list of top patent applicants in 2009. Despite the difficult economic climate last year, Nestlé continued to invest in R&D and intellectual property and has increased its ranking in the WIPO list Nestlé has now entered the top 100 and is the top patent applicant for the food and beverage industry.

Leading edge technologies and highly differentiated products, solutions and benefits are key to Nestlé's four growth drivers and its global brands such as Nespresso, Nan, Nescafé, Nido and Purina. Protecting these technologies, products, solutions and benefits significantly contributes to sustaining the competitive advantage coming from Nestlé's unmatched R&D capability and product and brand portfolio. To do this, Nestlé files over 250 patent applications per year and manages a global patent portfolio of about 20,000 patents.