Nestlé tops sustainability report

Aug 3, 2010
THE MOVE TOWARDS RENEWABLE ENERGY THE MOVE TOWARDS RENEWABLE ENERGY: This Nestlé factory in Denver boasts Colorado’s largest, privately owned solar-panel installation. A 476-panel system covering about 21 000 square feet occupies the plant’s roof, and generates 1% of the plant’s electricity needs.

Nestlé claims top spot in the Diversified Foods category under the 2009 Sustainability Initiatives Report.

Scoring 82 out of 100 points, Nestlé notched up the highest score based on the number of initiatives completed in four categories: Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Product Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship.

Within the published Executive Summary report, Nestlé "contributed comprehensive reporting on sustainability issues on all four categories" with a "significant commitment to environment in 2009."

Led by Sustainable Life Media – a producer of sustainable business conferences and educational events, with additional products and services designed to inspire and equip businesses to profitably innovate for sustainability – it announced its findings under its proprietary research division, SLM Insights in June 2010 in California, in the United States.

As a joint venture with, the 130-page report tracks the sustainability activities of 100 companies in 10 industries, analysing what activity occurred in 2009 and what to expect in 2010. For sustainability executives, the report also provides detailed analysis of industry trends and rankings useful in benchmarking performance and goal setting for 2011.

The study identified each company as either responsive to regulatory pressure or compliance requirements, or conversely as more forward-looking and reflective of a commitment to sustainability leadership and innovation.

Results were compiled by researching over 6,000 sustainability initiatives, a survey of 1,700 consumers and dozens of expert interviews.

The study also revealed a broad shift in corporate sustainability reporting toward more socially-focused initiatives, particularly improved reporting on employee wages, training and benefits, community giving and occupational health and safety.