Nestlé strengthens e-commerce leadership in Europe

Mar 22, 2012
Caja Roja praline chocolates PERSONALISED SELECTION: Via the website, consumers select the chocolates, pick the packaging and choose the box design.

Nestlé is strengthening its e-commerce offering in Europe, giving consumers a new way to buy customised chocolates in Spain.

Díselo con Chocolate, or “Say it with Chocolate”, builds on experience from other Nestlé e-commerce innovations Maison Cailler, BabyNes and Nespresso.

Consumers can use the new Spanish website to choose their own personalised selection of Nestlé Caja Roja praline chocolates.

They can further customise their purchase by picking their preferred packaging, choosing designs for inside and outside the box, and deciding on gift wrapping.

The praline chocolates are delivered to the consumer within 72 hours.

Growing consumer trend

“Innovation is a priority for Nestlé,” said Bernard Meunier, Chief Executive Officer for Nestlé Spain.

“The Díselo con Chocolate initiative illustrates the potential of a growing consumer trend towards customisation and buying products and services online.

“It is something that is unique and exclusive for Spanish customers,” he added.

Choosing the style

Consumers first choose either a tray or twisted wrapper assortment of freshly-made pralines, which are made at Nestlé’s factory in La Penilla de Cayón in Spain.

Praline assortments are from Nestlé Spain’s existing Caja Roja chocolate range.

Users then select the packaging style and size of the boxes which range from 180g to 900g. They personalise the outside of box by choosing pre-selected graphics.

Inside the box, users can select a ‘pop-up’ design, write their message and choose the style of gift wrapper.

Caja Roja logo

Boosting e-commerce in Europe

Díselo con Chocolate is the latest boost to Nestlé’s e-commerce business in Europe.

The company’s luxury chocolate brand Maison Cailler launched in Switzerland and Liechenstein in January.

This is a unique profiling system that consumers can use to discover their ‘chocolate personality’ and share the result with their friends online.

Last year Nestlé launched BabyNes in Switzerland, the world’s first comprehensive nutrition system for infants and toddlers.

Customers can use its website to track their baby’s growth and changing nutritional needs, choose the right product type, order capsules or source information professional nutritionists.

BabyNes offers 24-hour customer service via the website or its customer service hotline.

Nespresso, the company’s premium portioned coffee brand, has operated a highly successful online business model since 1998.

Consumers can buy capsules, machines and accessories at

Over a decade later Nespresso launched an app for its Club Members. They can read up on Nespresso news, search for their nearest boutique or stockist, and in certain European countries, locate recycling points for used capsules.

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