Our global network

We have the world's largest food and nutrition research organisation, with about 5000 people involved in R&D, as well as corporate venture funds and research partnerships with business partners and universities.

Our in-house fundamental research takes place in four centres:

  • Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences provides and translate biomedical research into personalised science based nutrition.
  • Nestlé Research Center provides the scientific knowledge and research base for product renovation and innovation.
  • Clinical Development Unit provides medical expertise and manages clinical trials for the company, worldwide.
  • R&D Tours provides scientific expertise in plant science.

Proprietary high-tech product development takes place in our 34 Product Technology centres and R&D centres worldwide:

  • Product Technology centres provide a critical mass of technology expertise and product knowledge, for one or more of Nestlé’s business categories.
  • R&D centres have both a global role and a more local role by meeting regional needs or providing know-how in specific areas of technical expertise, such as system technology, and health sciences.

  • Center nameCountry
  • R&D Beijing

    Opened in 2008

    Focus: Safety, quality, nutrition and life sciences research, including work on traditional Chinese medicines, food technology and packaging. The research focus in Nutrition and Life Sciences addresses three key health benefits – growth and development, healthy ageing and weight management. R&D Beijing will strengthen existing research collaborations with scientists in the Greater China region.
  • R&D India


    Opened in 2012

    Focus: R&D India supports all markets worldwide with new product development and manufacturing excellence for Noodles. It is also a Center of Expertise for local Indian cuisine within the R&D network and offers assistance to Culinary, Confectionery, Nutrition and Dairy products in the SAR region.

  • R&D Sderot

    Opened in 2002

    Focus: R&D Sderot is a small location but a centre of excellence for cereal snacks. It has strong links with, and provides close support for, the Israeli market.
  • R&D Shanghai

    Opened in 2001

    Focus: R&D Shanghai supports all markets in Asia and Oceania, in particular the Greater China Region. It is a turntable for all Nestlé R&D with regard to Chinese nutrition, research and sourcing.
  • R&D Singapore

    Opened in 1982

    Focus: R&D Singapore is a vital component in delivering local taste and balance to products which support the rapidly growing Asian markets.