Does Nestlé use genetically modified ingredients?

What is GM?

Genetic modification (GM) is one of several areas of biotechnology. It is widely used, particularly in the production of certain crops.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the result of the introduction of a desirable gene into an organism. The most common examples are the transfer of genes from bacterial origin to plants like soy bean, cotton or corn in order to make them pest-resistant or herbicide-tolerant.

Is Nestlé favour of GM?

We have always been in favour of innovation and the responsible use of scientific and technological advances.

We consider that GMOs that have passed regulatory approval are safe, and have a potential role to play in increasing food production, supporting sustainable agriculture and helping to feed a growing world population.

Does Nestlé produce GM crops?

No, we don’t.

Do you use ingredients derived from GMOs in your products?

As a consumer goods company, we are particularly sensitive to consumers’ concerns, needs and preferences. We take the decision to use, or not to use, ingredients that have been derived from GMOs at local level in response to consumer concerns.

Do you support consumers’ rights to know what is in their food?

We fully support our consumers’ right to know what is in their food and we are committed to providing information about the use of ingredients derived from GMOs in Nestlé products worldwide.

We only use ingredients that have been approved by the regulatory authorities and which comply with strict regulatory and safety evaluations. We are building our capacity to inform our customers on the use of GMO derived ingredients.

Is Nestlé in favour of GMO labelling or disclosure regulations?

We fully support disclosure of ingredients derived from GMOs in Nestlé products to meet our consumers’ right to know.

Depending on local needs and cultural differences, disclosure can be, for example, in the form of information on a company or industry website.

We also strictly adhere to all national laws and regulations concerning the labelling of ingredients derived from genetically modified (GM) crops.

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