Micronutrient fortification of Maggi products, Nigeria

Country: Nigeria

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Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012


Micronutrient fortification of Maggi products, Nigeria
MICRONUTRIENT FORTIFICATION OF MAGGI PRODUCTS:Owner of a Maggi restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria that offers traditional fare flavoured with fortified Maggi bouillon cubes and seasonings

With a large proportion of the world's emerging consumers suffering the consequences of deficiencies in key micronutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A, fortifying our products with these micronutrients can help address these deficiencies. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of products fortified with these essential micronutrients that would otherwise be missing from diets in most developing countries around the world.

Our locally adapted Popularly Positioned Products (PPPs) provide people on lower incomes with products of nutritional value at an affordable price and appropriate serving size. We fortify billions of servings of Nestlé products. Many of these are PPPs such as iodine‑enriched Maggi products (bouillons, seasonings, fixes and noodles), of which we delivered 94 billion fortified servings in 2010. Seventy-five million iodine-fortified Maggi cubes were sold daily in Central and West Africa alone.

Developments such as these have brought a 30-40% improvement in market penetration among lower income consumers in the last two years and have been a key factor in the increased distribution of Maggi noodles in small towns.

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