Nestlé Healthy Kids, Hungary

Country : Hungary

Impact Area

  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Community engagement
Sep 18, 2012, updated September 2012


It is important to start teaching children about the importance of balanced diet and healthy exercise as early as possible because:
• 25% of 7-14 year olds are obese*;
• 2.5% of 15-18 year olds are suffering from heart or vascular diseases;
• mistakes in eating habits that are seen in the Hungarian adult population are already present in 14-15 year old children;
• by their own admission, 4 out of 10 11-12 year olds leave for school without breakfast, and only 50% of children have a mid-morning snack.**

*Source: OÉTI Nutritional health survey amongst 7-14 year olds, 2010.
**Source: Nestlé Hungária Kft., NUTRIKID® research amongst children aged 10-12, 2011.

Programme description

Nestlé Hungária Kft. launched the NUTRIKID® Educational Programme about balanced diet and healthy lifestyle with the support of the Hungarian Dietetic Association in 2003, taking an active part in the fight against childhood obesity. The programme was developed for pupils aged 10-12, and is dedicated to teach them about balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle in a playful way, with the help of a colourful workbook an animated film and an interactive webpage. Any Hungarian primary school can sign up to this free programme.

Value to Society

NUTRIKID® is unique teaching programme in Hungary. There is no other relevant teaching material available for free to schools on balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle. To date, the NUTRIKID® programme has reached 85% of Hungarian schools which means 3100 primary schools and almost 400,000 children in Hungary.

Value to Nestlé

To strengthen the image of Nestlé as a credible and leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company in Hungary which is also committed to Creating Shared Value. NUTRIKID® programme was the only CSV initiative that key opinion leaders most frequently mentioned as a good Nestlé practice in a stakeholder survey we conducted in 2011. A representative survey carried out by TNS Hoffmann in 2012 in Hungary shows that according to 23% of the questioned people Nestlé is a leader and expert in nutrition; 12% said that the company is an expert of tasty and healthy food. With this result Nestlé came out the second most credible nutrition, health and wellness company in Hungary.

Next Step

Will the project be continued in the next year(s)? If yes, what are the project objectives?
The project will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2013. There will be a double school-competition one for teachers, and one for students in order to engage and motivate them on healthy lifestyle. We will make a booklet on the best practices of the teaching of the programme provided by professional bodies such as Hungarian Dietetic Association and National Institute for Health Development. There will be a stakeholder ambassador forum held on the topic of teaching balanced diet and healthy lifestyle at childhood to fight against obesity with the involvement of key opinion leaders, GOs and several institutions.

Next Steps

UN Millenium Development Goal

  • 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • 2 Achieve universal primary education
  • 3 Promote gender equality and empower women
  • 4 Reduce child mortality
  • 5 Improve maternal health
  • 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • 7 Ensure environmental sustainability
  • 8 Develop global partnerships