Environmental impact of products

Our commitment: Assess and optimise the environmental impact of our products

Our commitment: Assess and optimise the environmental impact of our products

To build environmental sustainability into our products, we use life-cycle assessments (LCAs) to systematically assess and optimise their environmental performance, across the entire value chain, at the earliest stage in the development of new and renovated products. We incorporate LCA results into Nestlé Category Sustainability Profiles, which summarise category-specific hotspots and actions to address them along the value chain.

Our objectives

By 2017: Identify or update and address sustainability hotspots for 15 product categories.

By 2017: Further enlarge the scope of our databases on agricultural raw materials used in EcodEX.

Our progress

We have completed LCAs for all our product categories, and established and documented Nestlé Category Profiles for 15 categories. We have also deployed our ecodesign tool (EcodEX) in all relevant R&D locations and piloted it in markets including Switzerland and the UK. We are actively supporting the European Union’s Environmental Footprint pilot initiative by participating in the steering committee and in three pilot projects for packed water, coffee and pet food.

Projects assessed using our ecodesign tools

Chart Image

Year 2013 2014 2015
Number 5 200 5 740 6 174

We work with external collaborators to gather reliable information, developing databases that benefit both Nestlé and other LCAs users. As well as co-sponsoring a new World Food Life Cycle Assessment database, we are enlarging the scope of our data on agricultural raw materials. During 2015, 750 datasets were added to EcodEX.

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