Natural capital

Our commitment:
Preserve natural capital, including forests

Our objectives

17% of the volume of our key commodities are responsibly sourced
Responsible sourcing: 17% of the volume of our key commodities are responsibly sourced.

By 2015 – 30% of the volume of our 12 key commodities volumes have been assessed against our Responsible Sourcing Guideline (RSG) requirements and are compliant, or improvement plans are ongoing.

By 2015 – Improvement programmes are taking place for all factories adjacent to Important Water Areas.

Our progress

17% of the volume of our key commodities are responsibly sourced, in accordance with our guideline requirements.

Our perspective

Nestlé is committed to developing its business in a way that safeguards natural capital and, in particular, biodiversity and ecosystem services. We have taken a proactive role in tackling deforestation, particularly in palm oil, through our work to drive traceability, our work directly with suppliers and our support for the goal of the Consumer Goods Forum to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020. In our own commitment on no deforestation, we pledge that our products will not be associated with deforestation. We have worked with partners to source credible data on where deforestation is occurring and in 2013 we shared the results of our collaboration with Conservation International which produced an analysis of deforestation in 32 countries. We have also worked in 2013 to identify important water areas with high biodiversity value that our factories are adjacent to and will work during the next year to ensure that the business helps safeguard these important areas of biodiversity.

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Important Water Areas are water-related areas of a catchment that are legally protected or under a conservation agreement which, if impaired or lost, could adversely impact the environmental, social, cultural or economic benefits derived from the catchment in a significant or disproportionate manner.


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