Human rights

Our commitment:
Assess and address human rights impacts in our operations and supply chain

Our objectives

Promoting human rights in our operations and supply chains
Human rights: We are working to raise awareness among employees, and integrate respect for human rights into our supply chain traceability and management systems.

By 2015– All FTSE4Good countries of concern where we have significant involvement are covered and employees trained.

By 2015 – Include human rights across all 12 commodities covered by the Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Guideline.

Our progress

In 2013, we trained a further 6650 employees on human rights, in nine FTSE4Good countries of concern. Since the launch of our online human rights training tool in 2011, 37 768 employees have been trained across 64 countries. We are the first multinational company to issue a public report on Human Rights Impact Assessment.

In April 2014, we organised a stakeholder consultation on our approach to human rights and rural development, including the nexus between these two topics in the context of Nestlé’s business activities. The roundtable gathered twenty human rights and rural development experts from NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, think tanks, consultancies and trade associations. The Danish Institute for Human Rights facilitated the panel discussion on Human Rights Impact Assessments. SustainAbility acted as rapporteur. Read a summary of the stakeholder views (pdf, 393 Kb) expressed during this event.

Our perspective

In 2013, Nestlé began implementing a new Rural Development Framework that, for the first time, included detailed human rights indicators for our supply chain. It is a difficult area and requires a careful balance between transparency and confidentiality to identify the real issues within a locality. The challenges we face include rolling out our human rights approach to all country operations, raising awareness among employees, and integrating respect for human rights into our supply chain traceability and management systems. Our detailed Human Rights Due Diligence Programme is already helping us to address these – and other – human rights issues.

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FTSE4Good is the responsible investment stock market index of the London Stock Exchange. It is designed to objectively measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards.

A significant country is where we have 1000+ employees or GBP 100 million in turnover or assets in these countries through a 20%+ equity stake in subsidiaries or associates incorporated there.