Children’s nutrition knowledge leadership

Our commitment: Build knowledge leadership in children’s nutrition

Our commitment: Build knowledge leadership in children’s nutrition

Our objective

By 2016 – Launch large-scale research projects in at least 10 countries across the globe, including the USA, Mexico, China and Russia, to expand understanding of children’s nutrition and inform our own product and service development.

Our progress

Our new commitment to carry out studies in at least 10 countries, to understand children’s nutrient intakes, dietary patterns and related lifestyle factors, is based on the success of the Nestlé Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study, which had previously been conducted twice in the USA and, at varying scales, in five other countries. We have now started a third round of field research in the USA and we are analysing data in Mexico and China, where we have also studied maternal nutrition.

The Kids Nutrition and Health Study, which analyses the diets of children aged 4–12 years, is underway in the USA, Mexico and China. We are engaging with stakeholders in a number of other countries to set up additional studies. In 2014, research results were presented at several international congresses and health practitioner conferences, and we strengthened our new product innovation workstream in response to research findings.

Our perspective

We aim to provide products, information and education that support parents in ensuring the healthy growth and development of their children. In addition to dietary intakes and behaviours, our research explores family dynamics around diets and key lifestyle patterns of children, while documenting their height and weight. This informs our product formulation, consumer communication and educational programmes.

Our research and collaboration with local experts across the world offers huge learning potential but also presents significant challenges, such as achieving detailed knowledge on children’s dietary habits, which is difficult to record and can be sensitive. We also continue to share the results, through the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, with over 240 000 public health opinion leaders, third-party organisations and paediatricians to maximise the benefits of our research.

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Russia has replaced France as one of the countries in the objective.