Children’s nutrition knowledge leadership

Our commitment:
Build knowledge leadership in children’s nutrition through a deep understanding of their dietary intakes and lifestyle habits

Our objectives

nestlé clinical development unit
NESTLÉ CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT UNIT: In 2013 the NCDU was running 129 clinical trials

By 2016 – Launch large-scale research projects in at least 10 countries across the globe, including the USA, Mexico, China and France.

Our progress

The Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS), for example, has been conducted twice in the USA and implemented in five other countries. FITS examines the specific intakes and eating patterns of children aged 0–4 in relation to recommendations from the authorities. The studies identified nutritional gaps and poor dietary patterns, including inadequate intake of key nutrients such as iron and vegetables.

Our perspective

We wish to build upon our experience with FITS and expand our research to include children up to the age of 12. These years are critical to forming dietary and activity habits that define health throughout the life course. We will use this knowledge to inform our own product and service development, but acknowledge this will require long-term efforts and investments. Working with external scientific experts and authorities, we aim to build a meaningful body of knowledge and leverage the findings in the best way for the nutrition, health and wellness of children around the world.

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