Healthy hydration

Our commitment:
Promote healthy hydration as part of healthy lifestyles

Our objectives

Promoting Healthy Hydration
Promoting Healthy Hydration: Water is an essential part of a healthy diet.

By 2014 – Further implement our fact-based healthy hydration awareness programme for healthcare professionals, caregivers and parents worldwide.

Our progress

In 2013, we completed additional research on children’s hydration status in Egypt and are preparing scientific publications on the results. We also launched new awareness-raising campaigns, for example in the USA and Turkey.

Our perspective

Water is an essential part of a healthy diet and we strongly believe in the importance of enabling child-health stakeholders to include healthy hydration in their approach. Each of our studies in Italy, the USA, the UK and France involved a group of around 500 children, aged 9—11. Results indicated that two-thirds of children are insufficiently hydrated when they arrive at school. Working with the Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) Foundation, we have developed hydration teaching modules and a complete toolkit, which has most recently been implemented in Jordan and extended in China.

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