Nutritious products for children

Our commitment:
Provide nutritionally sound products designed for children

Our objectives

Fortification in focus
Taste testing: We aim help to develop balanced and pleasurable products for consumers and their families, without compromising on taste.

By 2014 – 100% of our children’s products will meet all Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria for children.

Our progress

At the end of 2013, 96% of our products met all of the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria for children (2012: 89%), which are based on international public health recommendations, such as those of the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine.

Our perspective

We produce and sell products in many countries around the world, with different legal requirements, nutritional priorities, traditional cooking regimes and changing consumer tastes. Yet nutrition science and public health understanding continue to evolve, which represents a permanent challenge for our profiling system and database. In 2013, we asked a group of reputed nutrition experts to review our nutrition criteria. Another important hurdle we face now is ensuring the accurate capture of all our recipes across the globe and their ongoing evolution in a single IT system. We are working on this, but with 1.2 billion Nestlé products sold every day, this is not an easy task.

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Children’s products are defined as products for which 50% or more consumers are below 12 years of age, or are designed for or perceived as being designed for this age group.

The Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria are based on nutrition science and public health dietary recommendations, such as those of the World Health Organization and other global or local authorities. Our products are evaluated against these criteria, using the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System, which determines their nutritional value and whether they achieve the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation.