Nutrition and health research

Our commitment:
Lead the industry in nutrition and health research through internal programmes and external collaborations with top institutions

Our objectives

Nestlé Clinical Development Unit
Innovation and reformulation: The Nestlé Research Center provides the scientific knowledge and research base we need to reformulate our existing products and create new ones.

By 2016 – To further develop and integrate the molecular nutrition capabilities and clinical strategies of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) and the Nestlé Clinical Development Unit to better define health globally for the prevention and management of disease using nutritional solutions. To refocus the Nestlé Research Center (NRC) on five key platforms: Healthy Ageing; Healthy Pleasure; First 1000 days and Healthy Kids; Sustainable Nutrition; and Food Safety and Integrity.

Our progress

The NIHS received two EU-funded grants, a European Research Council award on biological-clock-regulated metabolism, and a second on developing human models of metabolic dysfunction. The collaboration between the NRC and the EpiGen Consortium (an international alliance of the world’s leading epigenetics researchers) was extended in 2013. The aim is to understand and substantiate optimal nutrition for mothers during pregnancy and for infants to promote metabolic health throughout life.

Our perspective

While our objective is leadership in nutrition and health research, our ultimate challenge is making sense of the complexities so that the outcome is useful to public health and we are able to translate what we learn into products, services and communication that will benefit consumer health.

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