Portion guidance

Our commitment: Provide portion guidance for consumers

Our commitment: Provide portion guidance for consumers

Our objective

By 2015 – Provide portion guidance on all children’s and family products to encourage healthy portion consumption.

Our progress

By the end of 2014, we offered specific portion guidance for an estimated 30.2% of our children’s and family products portfolio.

Our perspective

Nestlé Portion Guidance is a voluntary initiative that bridges the gap between dietary recommendations and more user-friendly information to promote mindful portion size. The initiative is designed to help re-frame portion norms, particularly in energy-dense categories where habitual servings have increased over time.

By providing practical on-pack portion guidance, we aim to help consumers make intuitive portion choices in terms of size and quantity.

Modifying norms about portion sizes is a complex issue involving many different challenges, which requires innovative solutions and collaboration between nutrition, education and industry experts. There are also perception-related challenges. Encouraging consumers to adopt smaller portion sizes of a product may represent a cultural change that will take time to embed. And among our stakeholders, we need to build trust and understanding around our motivation to lead the industry in promoting healthier portion sizes.

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Products for which 50% or more of consumers are below 12 years of age, or are designed for or perceived as being designed for this age group.

Products for which more than 20% but less than 50% of consumers are below 18 years of age.

We capitalise portion guidance to distinguish and promote its consumer-engaging on-pack guidance nature compared to simple portion information.