Portion guidance

Our commitment:
Provide portion guidance

Providing Portion Guidance
Providing Portion Guidance: Our priority is to make healthier portion choices intuitive for our consumers.

Our objectives

By 2015 – Provide portion guidance on all children’s and family products.

Our progress

By the end of 2013, children’s and family products amounting to sales of CHF 12.6 billion already offered specific portion guidance.

Our perspective

More people are leading sedentary lives, while consuming larger portions than 5–10 years ago. This contributes to increasing obesity and related health problems. At the same time, consumers eating inadequate portions of nutrient-rich foods often develop other kinds of health problems. Our priority is to make healthier portion choices intuitive for our consumers – to help them when they purchase, prepare, serve and consume our products, particularly children’s and family products. For this reason, we are developing portion guidance at product level, with product form, pack design, clear illustrations or sometimes with a serving device. This is a difficult endeavour for many reasons: defining healthier portions for various types of food and beverages, and across different cultures, is a complex task; the cost and time involved in renovating products and packaging is significant; and ensuring consumers are not confused between the serving size prescribed by some nutrition labelling regulations and the actual healthier portions recommendations will require innovative solutions.

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Children’s products are defined as products for which 50% or more consumers are below 12 years of age, or are designed for or perceived as being designed for this age group.

Family products are defined as products for which more than 20% but less than 50% of consumers are below 18 years of age.