Gender balance

Women’s empowerment in focus
Women’s empowerment: We have made considerable progress towards improving the representation of women on our management teams, moving from 15% in 2008 to 31% in 2013.
Our commitment:
Enhance gender balance

Our objectives

By 2018 – Be a gender balanced company by creating the enabling conditions in our work environment to achieve annual increases in the percentage of women managers and senior leaders (market management members and key roles at the Centre).

Our progress

We have signed up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and are ensuring men and women at management level progress at the same rate. In 2013, 31% of our managers were women (2012: 29%), 19% of whom were in senior leadership roles.

Our perspective

Men have dominated the world of business for centuries, but the changing role of women and men in society in recent years has created a need for gender balance at all levels. Nestlé, along with many other food and drink manufacturers, has been slow to take action on addressing this, but we do believe that different ways of thinking complement each other and lead to better decisions – gender balance simply makes business sense. However, we remain opposed to setting artificial quotas, preferring to put strategic steps in place to encourage a natural gender balance, promoting the best person for the role.

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