Gender balance

Our commitment: Enhance gender balance in our workforce

Our commitment: Enhance gender balance in our workforce

Our objective

By 2018 – Be a gender-balanced company by creating the enabling conditions in our work environment to achieve annual increases in the percentage of women managers and senior leaders (Market management members and key roles at the Centre).

Our progress

In 2014, 25% of our senior leaders and 34% of our managers were women (2013: 31%). This puts us on track to achieve our 2018 commitment. We launched unconscious bias training and there are now 77 trainers rolling this out to leaders and HR professionals across our global markets.

Our perspective

We believe that diversity in our business, and in our supply chain, is a real asset and something which should be encouraged and nurtured. Furthermore, the changing role of women and men in society in recent years has created a need for gender balance at all levels in business. Nestlé believes that different ways of thinking complement each other and lead to better decisions. However, we remain opposed to setting artificial quotas. We prefer to put in place strategic steps towards creating a working ecosystem where men and women can progress equally. In 2010, we launched the global Flexible Work Environment at Nestlé Guidelines, following up in 2012 with the Flexible Working Arrangements Guidelines to help employees in our head office balance their personal and professional lives. Since then over 25 markets have launched market-specific flexible working policies. We have introduced a wide range of practices that have been well received by both male and female employees – including breastfeeding rooms, paternity leave and flexible work arrangements.

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