Training and education

Our commitment:
Provide training and education for our employees in CSV, Nutrition Quotient (NQ) and environmental sustainability

Our objectives

Nestlé training session
Nestlé training session: Systematic, employee-involved training helps us improve our ability to meet our commitments.

By 2014 – Creating Shared Value will be embedded in all courses at our international training centre in Switzerland (reaching approximately 3000 current and future leaders annually),
e-learning designed and made available to all employees, and a new leadership course piloted.

By 2015 – For Nutrition Quotient (NQ) training, our company-wide commitment is to have all Nestlé employees trained at least once on the NQ Foundation Module by the end of 2015, including an e-learning module.

By 2016 – Strengthen our ability to meet our commitments through environmental awareness sessions for our employees. Environmental awareness training will be run in all countries by 2016.

Our progress

In 2013, environmental awareness training and education sessions for our employees were held in 79 countries (2012: 52 countries). More than 245 650 employees around the world have completed NQ training since the programme was launched in 2007 and, in 2013, 108 083 people received refresher training.

Our perspective

It is always a challenge for any training or education to influence day-to-day activity. To meet this challenge we start by systematically including Creating Shared Value in management training. Specifically on nutrition awareness, the aim of the NQ training programme is to ensure everyone at Nestlé has a good nutrition understanding and is empowered to apply the learning in their professional activities and day-to-day lives, while our Nestlé Environmental Management System fosters a systematic, employee-involved, continuous improvement culture that helps us develop more environmentally sustainable business practices. In 2013, we added an Environmental Sustainability Leadership – We Make Nestlé Resourceful workshop, providing new tools and approaches for employees and enabling different functions to share ideas.

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Nestlé’s Nutrition Quotient training programme helps our people make both personal and business nutrition choices based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence.