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Our commitment: Provide CSV, nutrition (NQ) and environmental sustainability training for our employees

Our commitment: Provide CSV, nutrition NQ and environmental sustainability training for our employees

Our objectives

With the right training and support, we believe everyone at Nestlé can play a role in Creating Shared Value.

By 2014 – Creating Shared Value is fully embedded in all courses at our international training centre in Switzerland (reaching approximately 3 000 current and future leaders annually), e-learning designed and made available to all employees, and a new leadership course piloted.

By 2015 – For Nutrition Quotient (NQ) training, our company-wide commitment is to have all Nestlé employees trained at least once on the NQ Foundation Module by the end of 2015, including an e-learning module.

By 2016 – Strengthen our ability to meet our commitments through environmental awareness sessions for our employees. Environmental awareness training will be run in all countries by 2016.

Our progress

CSV is now firmly embedded in all courses run at our International Training Centre and across all Zones – reaching 2 398 current and future leaders in 2014.

Working with ProfitAbility, we have developed a game-oriented training module to help develop Creating Shared Value understanding and behaviours among Nestlé leaders. This solution is delivered in our International Training Centre and will be deployed globally.

By the end of 2014, 310 833 employees around the world had completed NQ training since it was launched in 2007. In 2014, 51 113 people received NQ refresher training (2013: 108 083).

We ran environmental awareness training and education sessions for employees in 86 countries (2013: 79 countries). We further rolled out our new Environmental Sustainability Leadership workshop, with sessions in the International Training Centre and Markets. We initiated Train the Trainer sessions to support its acceleration across the countries where we operate.

Senior managers also have the opportunity to attend the Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability Programme at Cambridge University.

Our perspective

As a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, we care about our own people and we aim to provide training and education that has a positive influence on their day-to-day activities. We begin by building Creating Shared Value into our management training to maximise capability and understanding at leadership levels. We provide engaging nutrition training that is based on the most up-to-date public health priorities, called Nutrition Quotient (NQ), to all Nestlé employees – regardless of their worksite and working conditions. Our aim is to help our people make informed decisions about their own nutrition, the nutrition of their family and, if it is their role, the nutrition of consumers.

Thirdly, we are developing our environmental awareness programmes to foster a continuous improvement culture towards more environmentally sustainable business practices. Our challenge in all of this is to balance the need to engage and enable people in Creating Shared Value with ensuring we do not overload them with information and training. A strategic approach based on our Creating Shared Value priorities is key.

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Nestlé’s Nutrition Quotient training programme helps our people make both personal and business nutrition choices based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence.