Youth employment

Our commitment:
Offer 20 000 job opportunities for young people below 30 years of age at Nestlé in Europe

Our objectives

Nestlé offers jobs opportunities in Europe
Employment opportunities: Nestlé is supporting young workers through its European Youth Employment Initiative.

By 2016 – Nestlé will hire 10 000 young people and 10 000 trainees or apprentices below 30 years of age in Europe.

Our progress

We have announced a three-year Europe-wide plan to help at least 20 000 people under the age of 30 find employment. We are also encouraging our European suppliers to offer jobs, apprenticeships or traineeships to young people.

Our perspective

Youth unemployment is a major issue in Europe, with one in four young Europeans – about 5.6 million people – affected. Nestlé is growing in Europe and needs to prepare the next generation. Attracting and retaining the best talent is critical for gaining competitive advantage in a slowly recovering economy, and Nestlé will offer thousands of jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships to under-30s by 2016. The roles will be across the business and at all levels – from operators on the factory floor to sales assistants and business managers. We will capture our progress against all markets’ objectives with regular monitoring across all European operations.

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