Youth employment

Our commitment: Offer 20 000 job opportunities for young people below 30 years of age at Nestlé in Europe

Our commitment: Offer 20 000 job opportunities for young people

Our objective

By 2016 – Nestlé will hire 10 000 young people and 10 000 trainees or apprentices below 30 years of age in Europe, to help tackle unemployment in this age group.

Our progress

Following the announcement of the Nestlé needs YOUth programme in 2013, Nestlé launched the Alliance for YOUth in 2014. The Alliance unites companies to provide apprenticeships, traineeships and readiness for work events to young people. Around 200 companies have now joined the initiative, which has received positive recognition from European institutions, governments, educational institutions and trade unions.

By the end of 2014, Nestlé needs YOUth had helped 11 832 young people find work or apprenticeship opportunities. Specifically, we have held more than 1 675 readiness for work events, mobilising 5 652 employees across Europe.

A global extension of the initiative was announced by CEO Paul Bulcke at the 2014 CSV Forum. The Global Youth Initiative has two aims – to recruit and develop the next generation of Nestlé leaders and to help young people with the transition from education to work (through apprenticeships/traineeships and readiness for work programmes).

Nestlé hired 7 690 young people for temporary and permanent roles, and 4 142 trainees or apprentices younger than 30.

Our perspective

Attracting and retaining the best talent is critical for gaining competitive advantage in a slowly recovering economy. As we grow, we also have an opportunity to support the economy and provide the next generation of employees we depend on by providing training opportunities and jobs. Youth unemployment is a major issue around the world and this programme will soon be extended globally.

In Europe, one in four young people is unemployed. Nestlé has committed to offer thousands of jobs, traineeships and apprenticeships to under-30s by 2016. The roles are across the business and at all levels – from operators on the factory floor to sales assistants and business managers.

We are capturing progress with regular monitoring across all European markets. Through the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative, we are raising our brand profile as an employer and providing valuable opportunities, including promoting co-operation across our markets.

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