Supplier engagement

Our commitment:
Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture

Our objectives

Nestlé works directly with around 686 000 farmers
Engaging with suppliers: Nestlé works directly with over 686 000 farmers.

By 2015 – Define and start to implement action plans to save water in our upstream supply chain for coffee, sugar, rice and cereals, in high-priority locations.

Our progress

Nestlé works directly with around 686 000 farmers, many of whom benefitted from assistance ranging from technologies that make agricultural processes less water intensive, to drought-resistant plantlets. Through our global Sustainable Agriculture Initiative at Nestlé (SAIN), 10 water cases were implemented in 2013.

Our perspective

Our greatest challenge to reducing water consumption lies in addressing the impacts on our complex agricultural supply chains. Nestlé is a founding member of the Sustainable Agricultural Initiative Platform, an organisation that promotes knowledge-sharing on best practice in the food chain. We currently chair the Water and Agriculture Working Group, which identified key issues to ensure the positive use and protection of water in agriculture, including: maintaining the safety and quality of agricultural products; improving the economic viability and social progress of farms through water savings; and increasing the protection of environmental ecosystems through the collection of polluted run-off.

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