Water treatment

Our commitment: Treat the water we discharge effectively

Our commitment: Treat the water we discharge effectively

Our objective

By 2016 – Implement the new and strengthened Nestlé Environmental Requirements for water quality and effluent discharge in all factories in order to help protect the environment.

Our progress

In 2014, we approved a spend of CHF 18 million on new and improved treatment facilities and strengthened our water quality requirements for new effluent treatment installations.

At the end of 2014, we have reduced water discharges per tonne of product by 51.8% since 2005 (2013: 48.5%), with an average quality of water discharge of 72 mg COD/l (2013: 76 mg COD/l).

Our perspective

We are committed to developing our business in a way that helps to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystem services. Nestlé has set ambitious targets for discharged water quality from 2016, and ensuring we meet them is a challenge. We have deployed a water and effluents dashboard focusing on water withdrawal, discharge and quality reporting to support progress. Training and raising awareness among our employees is a priority. Wherever possible, we use municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Where these are non-existent or not efficient enough, we invest in our own facilities to discharge water treated to a level that meets local legislation and/or our internal standards, whichever is more stringent.

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