About our report

About our report
NEW REPORT: Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments

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Through our Nestlé in Society reporting, we aim to share information transparently about our long-term impact on society and how this is intrinsically linked to the creation of our long-term business success.

Our reporting history

We have issued global reports covering our Creating Shared Value, environmental sustainability and compliance performance every two years since 2007, and have now migrated to comprehensive online reporting about Nestlé in Society on an annual basis.

Our 2013 focus: delivering on our commitments

In our 2012 report, we shared a number of robust commitments to support our long-term goal of Creating Shared Value. They cover nutrition, health and wellness, rural development and responsible sourcing, water, environmental sustainability, our people, human rights and compliance. These commitments make it possible for stakeholders to hold us accountable, encouraging us to seek and achieve continuous improvement. We continue to measure our progress against clear objectives and in this report, we share our results to date and introduce 10 further commitments.

Our wider communications

Our comprehensive online Nestlé in Society report (pdf, 16Mb), the summary print report (pdf, 3Mb), case studies, audio content, and videos are companions to our 2013 Annual Report (pdf, 4.7Mb), which outlines our business and financial performance. Together, they form an integral part of our overall communication on CSV, environmental sustainability and compliance performance and cover the UN Global Compact Advanced/LEAD Communication on Progress (COP) requirements.

Our audience

We have identified a wide range of stakeholders who we expect to use the information contained within this report and to assist transparency, we engage with them regularly about our activities, for example, through the twice-annual Nestlé CSV stakeholder convenings. These stakeholders are drawn from NGOs, academic centres, governmental and intergovernmental organisations, think tanks, consultancies and social enterprises working on Nestlé’s CSV focus areas of nutrition, water and rural development, as well as on human rights and compliance.

Report boundary, scope and assurance

The information contained in this full online report and our Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value and Meeting our Commitments report covers our global operations for the year ending 31 December 2013, unless otherwise stated. Data is provided for our wholly-owned companies and subsidiaries, excluding joint ventures and suppliers, unless specifically stated. The environmental data refers to factories and warehouses (excluding some recent acquisitions), and safety and health figures cover approximately 333 214 employees.

Our reporting on Nestlé in Society is subject to independent third-party assurance by Bureau Veritas – please see our 2013 assurance statement.

Currency conversion

All the currencies cited in this report have been converted to Swiss francs (CHF). They were prepared on 3rd of March 2014 using the following exchange rates.
1 CAD = 0.79 CHF
1 CFA = 0.0018 CHF
1 EUR = 1.21 CHF
1 GBP = 1.472 CHF
1 KES = 0.010 CHF
1 LKR = 0.0067 CHF
1 MYR (MR) = 0.26830 CHF
1 USD = 0.88 CHF

Future reporting

This report is aligned with Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G3.1 guidelines and Food Processing Sector Supplement, which we helped develop. We plan to start communicating in line with the G4 guidelines for the 2014 report (to be published in 2015).

Contact us

We hope you find this report engaging and informative, and we welcome your input and views: creatingsharedvalue@nestle.com


All 2012 comparatives have been restated following the implementation of IFRS 11 and IAS 19 revised (see Note 22 of the Consolidated Financial Statements).

All Exchange rates were taken from www.oanda.com.