2010 Prize winner

Two women sitting in a field
2010 Prize winner: The first Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value was awarded to iDE Cambodia

iDE Cambodia was awarded the inaugural Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value in May 2010, for their ‘Farm Business Advisors’ programme. This aims to increase agricultural productivity and income for Cambodian smallholder farmers.

Beginning in 2005, iDE Cambodia developed a network of independent small rural entrepreneurs, or Farm Business Advisors. These advisors give technical advice to the small scale farmers to help them boost their productivity while selling them products such as high-quality seeds, fertilizer, plastic fencing and irrigation equipment and services. More than one hundred FBAs are now working with 15,000 farmers. During the period of Nestlé involvement (2011-2012), total FBA sales to farmers doubled annually - from USD 65,000 in 2010 to a 2012 forecast revenue of USD 440,000.

The demonstrated effectiveness of the model has attracted further investment from other development partners, and the program will grow from its current size to 330 agents in eight Cambodian provinces by mid-2013.