2014 Prize winners

In 2014, we awarded the Creating Shared Value Prize to one winning and two runner-up organisations from East Africa: Honey Care, MSABI and Sanergy. Learn how the three organisations have invested the prize money, how they have been able to scale up, and how they have benefited from the collaboration with Nestlé.

Winner - Honey Care Africa

A Sweeter South Sudan

Honey Care Africa is a fair trade honey company, whose objective is to provide opportunities for rural, smallholder households to generate significant additional income through honey production.

Honey Care Africa aims to create a commercial, efficient value chain for honey by training smallholder producers, organising them in networks (SWARM Clusters) and guaranteeing a market for honey at fair prices, including the development of a Base of the Pyramid mass market for single-serving honey. The objective is to support tens of thousands of smallholder farmers in South Sudan emerging from poverty by helping them become commercial beekeepers.

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Find out more: Honey Care Africa website


Runner-up - MSABI

True Life Water Point, Tanzania

MSABI is a not-for-profit organization that runs rural water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programmes in Tanzania, including water points, sanitation, participatory education, and ceramic water filters, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of local communities.

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Find out more: MSABI website


Runner up - Sanergy

Sustainable Sanitation in Africa’s Informal Settlements, Kenya

Sanergy is a social enterprise that manufactures and franchises small-scale high-quality sanitation facilities to local micro-entrepreneurs, collects and removes human waste from the community and converts it into high-value by-products such as fertilizer and energy.

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Find out more: Sanergy website