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Did you know?

The distinctive shape of the Perrier bottle was established by St John Harmsworth, a wealthy British visitor who bought the Perrier spring in 1903 while he was in France to learn the language. He based the shape on the Indian clubs he used for exercise.

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Brand history

Perrier on production line

In 1908, Perrier was awarded the Grand Prix des Eaux Minérales Vente de l'Année for selling 5 million bottles. discover more

Facts & Figures

Perrier bottles

Almost 1 billion bottles of Perrier are sold each year in 140 countries in the world. Download fact sheet (pdf, 153 KB)

Tv advert

The Melting

Melting is another campaign by Perrier that respects the fundamentals that have always enabled the brand to challenge advertising codes. Watch the video on YouTube.