Articles of Association & Regulations

The Articles of Association contain, as per law, provisions on the company name, the purpose of the company, the share capital, the number, par value and type of shares, the organisation of the company (general meeting of shareholders, Board of Directors and Auditors), provisions for the general meetings of shareholders and voting rights, and the form in which the company shall publish notices.

Nestlé's current Articles of Asscociation, amended by the 2014 Annual General Meeting, can be found here, published as part of the Corporate Governance Report 2014.

Corporate Governance Report including Articles of Association of Nestlé S.A. (pdf, 3 Mb)

Rapport sur le Gouvernement de l'Entrprise avec Statuts de Nestlé S.A. (pdf, 3 Mb)

Bericht zur Corporate Governance einschliesslich Statuten der Nestlé AG (pdf, 3 Mb)

These and other related documents can be found in the Publications section