Committee Charters

The Chairman's and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

The CCGC liaises between the Chairman and the full Board, in line with its powers and duties, in order to expedite whenever necessary the handling of the Company's business. It acts as a consultant body for the Chairman.

Chairman's and Corporate Governance Committee Charter (April 2010) (pdf, 204 Kb)


The Compensation Committee Charter

The Compensation and Nomination Committee reviews and approves Compensation and Benefits Policies and Programs, reviews performance relevant to compensation and determines individual compensation and benefit conditions for designated senior executives.

Compensation Committee Charter (April 2009) (pdf, 29 Kb)


Nomination Committee Charter

The Nomination Committee evaluates and selects candidates for the election or re-election to the Board of Directors and prepares proposals for the Board of Directors' decision.

Nomination Committee Charter (April 2009) (pdf, 27 Kb)


Audit Committee Charter

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to the accounting and financial reporting practices of Nestlé SA and its subsidiaries, the internal and external audit processes as well as its overview of the risk management processes.

Audit Committee Charter (April 2010) (pdf, 191 Kb)