Financial Overview


Nestlé reports its Sales and Results both by Operating Segments as well as by Products.

The content of this section relates to figures published in our 2013 Consolidated Financial Statements, published on February 13 2014. Our full year 2013 results presentation (pdf, 2.8 Mb) gives the key financials for the last year as well as the strategic outlook. Our 2013 Consolidated Financial Statements (pdf, 1.3 Mb) are available here. A full list is available on our Publications page. Our Annual Report 2013 is published on March 11 2014


The Operating segments format represents the Group’s management structure and the way financial information is regularly reviewed by the Executive Board. The operating reportable segments are:

  • Zone Europe
  • Zone Americas
  • Zone Asia, Oceania and Africa
  • Nestlé Waters
  • Nestlé Nutrition
  • Other

The Group considers the business from both a geographic and product perspective, through three geographic Zones and several Globally Managed Businesses (GMB). Zones and GMB that meet the quantitative threshold of 10% of sales, trading operating profit or assets, are presented on a stand-alone basis as reportable segments. Other business activities and operating segments, including GMB that do not meet the threshold, like Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Nespresso, Nestlé Health Science and the Joint Ventures in the Food and Beverages and Pharmaceutical activities are combined and presented in Other.


The Products format is divided into seven groups, which are:

  • Powdered and Liquid Beverages
  • Water
  • Milk products and Ice Cream
  • Nutrition and HealthCare
  • Prepared dishes and cooking aids
  • Confectionery
  • PetCare