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Nestlé announced on 7 December 2015 that it has completed its 8 billion share buyback programme initiated on 25 August 2014. Since 25 August 2014, Nestlé has repurchased 112,640,000 of its shares for a total of CHF 8 billion at an average purchase price per share of CHF 71.02.

36,400,000 repurchased shares were cancelled by the Annual General Meeting held on 16 April 2015 and the share capital of Nestlé S.A. was reduced to CHF 318,840,000. The Annual General Meeting 2016 of Nestlé S.A. will decide upon the cancellation of the remaining 76,240,000 repurchased shares.

Buy-back announcement (French, German)
Annonce: Rachat d'actions propres en vue d'une réduction de capital (pdf, 728Kb)
Inserat: Rückkauf eigener Aktien zum Zweck der Kapitalherabsetzung (pdf, 728Kb)


Publication of transactions
December 7, 2015 xls, 72 Kb