European Youth Employment Initiative


Get hired

We’re planning to hire 10,000 new recruits aged under 30 by 2016, across a wide scope of professions and jobs, from manufacturing and administration to sales, marketing, finance, engineering and research and development. Whatever your background, wherever in Europe you are from, Nestlé needs YOU.

Get skilled

We’re opening up 10,000 apprenticeship and traineeship positions that will boost your skills and strengthen your professional development. That’s how we can help you build a brighter future.

Get support

Don’t know where to begin? Need help? Take advantage of our career counselling program to choose a good path for you and get the job you want. We’ll be holding events and coming to schools and colleges to meet and provide you with CV clinics, interview preparation, advice on how to enter the job market, and other tips to help get your career started. Watch out for more information.

Get more opportunities

With our business partners, we’re building an Alliance for Youth Employment. This opens up even more work opportunities for you at our partners’ companies, in sectors ranging from logistics and administration to production and services.

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