Gaetan, Corporate Controller Nespresso

Gaetan, Corporate Controller Nespresso France

Nestlé Group Audit (NGA) is a fast track path with little room for approximates. The team is made exclusively of highly motivated young people, who all want to distinguish themselves. In this context, the pressure is a challenge on its own, that needs to be dealt with. Leveraging on my strengths was a good way to have my own footprint on the job. The next big challenge, was the lifestyle. If you need to see your friends and family often, then this job might be hard on you. On the other hand if you can take the nine months travelling each year, you will literally discover the world.

NGA offered me a unique opportunity to understand the variety of operations, cultures, customers and business models a multinational group like Nestlé has to deal with. I was able to get exposure to a large part of the group in a very short period of time which is nearly impossible in a more “conventional job”. The job also gave me the chance to work with top managers of the Nestlé Group which contributed to a steep learning curve.

Training in NGA has always been an important factor of success. Once a year, NGA organized a ten days session where we had the chance to talk to the entire board of directors and get their views on the business and challenges ahead of us. NGA also provided specific training by experts in a variety of disciplines like communication and negotiation skills, fraud auditing. And a part of the training is provided by fellow auditors themselves. During my induction, I was trained to use Nestlé’s ERP in audit situations by my colleagues. I also received training on particular processes during focused “process audits” (treasury, pension funds licensing, media etc).

In NGA you learn to work efficiently under significant time pressure. I gained experience, confidence in the quality of my work, confidence in myself as a person. I learned how to take advantage of pressure, how to deal with others (sometimes much more experienced) in difficult situations, how to get my point across without upsetting my counterparts. I learned how to manage people and putting them in the best situation to perform well which is a must-have in my new job of a Corporate Controller.

So if you are ambitious, you like to travel and would like to know how things are being run on the other side of the planet, if you can take some time away from home for a couple years, you should not hesitate!

Gaetan, Corporate Controller Nespresso France, Nestlé Group Audit alumni 2011