Joris, Project Engineer

Joris, Project Engineer

After graduation I was looking for a generalist job in engineering that provided the possibility to work abroad and I was pleasantly surprised by engineering programme at Nestlé. When the project ends you get assigned to a different project in a different country with a different role. You can really touch the end result after the project is over and a new endeavour in another country is already waiting. Most jobs in the world don’t offer such variability from the start of a career.

So currently I work as a project engineer at Corporate Engineering. The last 16 months have been a combination of the training and project engineering work.

Depending on your position you will be required to work more or less autonomous. In my case I spend many weeks working by myself preparing training material for hygienic engineering and safety. Since I have been assigned to a project this has changed to a more teamwork. I spend 5 months in Konolfingen Product Technology Center to support the project team with the industrialisation of BabyNes. During this time I pass an exam to get a degree in project management that Nestlé is supporting, I had a training course on Lean in Nestlé’s International training centre and many other courses.

Opportunities in engineering are abundant as long as you are flexible to move with the job. At the moment I am preparing the building of a new factory in Dubai where I will move to execute the construction.

Joris, Project Engineer, Switzerland