1st anniversary for Nestlé Research & Development centre in Abidjan

Apr 27, 2010
Food technologists at work FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS AT WORK: Supporting local farmers and sustainable agricultural methods, R&D Abidjan uses science and technology at all stages of product development, to create and adapt products for the African market.

Nestlé celebrates the first anniversary of its R&D centre in Abidjan today.

As the only Nestlé R&D centre of its kind in Africa, the facility is led by a highly qualified team of food scientists, technologists, agronomists and sensory specialists, and focuses on improving the quality of locally-sourced raw materials including cocoa, coffee and cassava.

The Cocoa Plan – a new consumer-facing initiative which brings together Nestlé’s activities to promote sustainable cocoa supply – is strengthened at the centre. Around 140,000 high yielding cocoa plants produced in its nurseries have already been distributed to farmers in the Ivory Coast.

The site aims to continue this momentum by producing 500,000 plants by October 2010 and around 12 million plants over the next 10 years.

In addressing the problem of disease and ageing plantations affecting the West African cocoa harvest, Nestlé expanded its propagation technology to Abidjan from its R&D Centre in Tours, France. To follow, a new plant propagation laboratory will be constructed in 2010 on the site.

The opening of the centre a year ago has reinforced the Company's commitment to rural development in Africa and is a further illustration of the principle of Creating Shared Value. This is Nestlé's way of doing business which simultaneously creates value for the Company and the communities in which it operates.

Prominent visitors have included the President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick; who visited the centre four months ago for an insight on Nestlé’s commitment to sustainability in cocoa.

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