Celebrations to the tune of Nestlé Brazil’s 90th anniversary

Jan 7, 2011
90 Anos Nestlé Brasil  

Nestlé celebrates its prominence in Brazil which has spanned over nine decades with a musical advertisement campaign.

Together with well-known Brazilian song artist Roberto Carlos, Nestlé Brazil has adopted his song “Emoções” (Emotions) as the soundtrack of the campaign launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Company in the region.

As one of Mr Carlos’s best known songs, this is the first time the piece has been used in an advertising campaign.

Izael Sinem Junior, Nestlé’s Executive Director for Consumer Communication in Brazil, said that the song was chosen for the strong relationship Brazilians have with the Nestlé brand, where currently it is present in 98% of Brazilian households.

The theme of “Emoções” also cements the anniversary campaign’s signature of: “Nestlé. 90 years of exceeding emotions. 90 years of Brazil”.

Nestlé Brazil – which employs more than 20,000 employees – installed its first factory in 1921 in the São Paulo state city of Araras to produce condensed milk Milkmaid.  This was to be known later by millions of consumers under the Brazilian translation as “Leite Moça.”

Well-established in the South American country over 90 years, Nestlé Brazil currently offers hundreds of renowned brands including Ninho, Maggi and Nescafé.

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