Maggi fans rush to ‘Guess the Taste’ of mystery noodles

Aug 26, 2011
Maggi 'Guess the Taste' noodles DISTINCTIVE DESIGN, MYSTERY FLAVOUR: Maggi 'Guess the Taste' noodles are on sale across India for a limited period.

Nestlé’s Maggi brand is inviting fans to guess the taste of a new, mystery flavour of vegetarian noodles in India.

Launched in March, the limited edition ‘Guess the Taste’ noodles are being sold across the country in packets marked with a distinctive question mark design.

More than 45,000 consumers have already contacted Nestlé with their suggested name for the taste; the ingredients of which are listed on the pack without revealing its exact flavour.

Mukesh Kumar, Marketing Manager for Maggi noodles in India, explained why the ambiguous taste was created.

He said: “Maggi is synonymous with noodles in India, where consumers have a very strong emotional connection with the brand.

“We wanted to engage people in a conversation and build on our reputation as leaders in innovation by creating an intriguing product that consumers would pick up and start talking about.

Maggi 'Guess the Taste' television advertisement CAPTURING PEOPLE'S IMAGINATIONS: More than 45,000 consumers have already contacted Nestlé with their suggested names for the taste.

“The taste combines traditional ingredients, such as chilli, ginger, cumin, coriander and black cardamom, with more exotic smoky and cheesy flavours, but in a way that leaves it open to interpretation.”

In India, Nestlé is using a variety of media to spread the word about Guess the Taste; from a series of television and print advertisements, to a dedicated Facebook page.

Created especially for the campaign, the Facebook page is the brand’s first in the country and has already attracted more than 530,000 fans.

Mr Kumar described consumers’ reactions so far and said: “The idea has really captured people’s imaginations.

“We have had an incredible response, which is even more impressive when you consider that we haven’t offered people any incentives to take part."

‘Me and Meri Maggi

Maggi 'Guess the Taste' television advertisement MIXING TRADITIONAL AND EXOTIC INGREDIENTS: The taste combines ingredients such as chilli, ginger, cumin and coriander with more unusual smoky and cheesy flavours.

Guess the Taste follows other recent successful efforts by Nestlé's Maggi brand to acknowledge and strengthen its long relationship with consumers in India.

In 2009, it launched ‘Me and Meri Maggi’ - a two-stage campaign to celebrate 25 years of Maggi noodles being sold in the country.

Firstly, consumers were invited to share their favourite experiences and memories involving Maggi noodles, with a selection of these being chosen to feature on product packaging and in television advertising.

Mr Kumar explained the nostalgic initiative and said: “Millions of consumers in India have grown up with Maggi and they are now buying Maggi products for their families.

“They have so many fond recollections associated with the brand that we wanted to make them part of its history.”

After receiving more than 30,000 entries, in the campaign’s second stage Nestlé categorised the Maggi moments as either ‘adventurous’, ‘naughty’ or ‘romantic’.

A consumer's written Maggi memory MAGGI MEMORIES: Consumers were invited to share their favourite experiences and memories involving Maggi noodles.

These were used to inspire three new Maggi noodle flavours - Thrillin' Curry, Tricky Tomato, and Romantic Capsica – and an accompanying trio of television advertisements.

In the Thrillin' Curry advertisement, three lost girls find their way home with the help of Maggi, while in Tricky Tomato, a mother tricks her sons into letting her keep her favourite bowl of Maggi.

Finally, in Romantic Capsica, an elderly man manages to charm his angry wife with the help of Maggi, who is playing the part of Cupid, the god of love.

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