Nestlé awarded with ‘Committed to the Environment’ status

Oct 7, 2010
Ecolaboration team in Guatemala ECOLABORATION: The Nespresso sustainability programme has been applauded by the International Charter. Pictured above are Nestlé Nespresso representatives on a coffee farm in Guatemala with a Rainforest Alliance member, left.

Nestlé was honoured for its dedication to the environment with a prestigious title awarded by the International Charter (IC).

The IC – a global organisation dedicated to helping companies do business in a socially responsible way – presented the ‘Committed to the Environment’ award to Nestlé for its “good progress in understanding its environmental impact”, and “driving an environmentally conscious mode of business from the top down.”

In recognising companies that show leadership in managing their environmental impact; five areas of assessment including Governance, Strategy, Performance, Products and Projects & Initiatives, were reviewed to determine the evaluation process.

Under the Governance category, the Company scored a Number 1 rating and was hailed for its Creating Shared Value (CSV) vision, which “represents a clear strategy, and belief that both environmental and economic issues should be dealt with in unison.”

Analysis under the Strategy section showed that Nestlé was praised for its good understanding of its role and impact within its operating environments, forging strong links with specialist organisations and key opinion leaders.  The CSV way of doing business was cited as an excellent example of a company attempting to understand the strategic implications of climate change and the issues concerning sustainability.

c2e Logo Under Performance, Nestlé marked a better than industry standard carbon/turnover ratio of 13.9 – falling well within the projected industry range.  In addition, Nestlé also continues to excel in its performance by contributing to the Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives, complementing the development of water management best practice. This is illustrated by the reduction in water use in 2009, from 147 million m3 to 143 million m3.

In looking at the sector of Products, Nestlé was commended for its reduction in packaging.  While under its Projects & Initiatives, the Company was applauded for recognising its role in educating consumers regarding the use and disposal of its products.
For example, through Ecolaboration, launched in June 2009, Nestlé Nespresso has consolidated all its sustainability efforts in coffee sourcing, capsule recycling and energy-efficient machines into one concerted programme.  Nespresso aims to source 80% of its coffee from AAA Sustainable Quality Programme and Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, while tripling its capacity to recycle used capsules and reduce the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso by 20%.
The next International Charter review is due to be conducted in early 2011.

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