Nestlé completes rebuild project in Chile

Jun 8, 2010
People standing in front of the new shop HANDING OVER THE KEYS: Mrs Orellana, owner of "El Faraón" receives the keys to her new shop. Luis Cantarell, left, Executive Vice President for Nestlé and Zone Director for Americas, Belisario Bastías, Major of Doñihue and Fernando del Solar, right, Market Head for Nestlé Chile joined the celebration.

A social programme which helps small commercial businesses following the Chile earthquake is completed by Nestlé Chile.

A visit from Luis Cantarell, Executive Vice President for Nestlé and Zone Director for United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, marked the opening of the final store in Doñihue, one of the locations affected by the earthquake.

Fernando del Solar, Market Head for Nestlé Chile joined Mr Cantarell to attend a ceremony on June 7, alongside regional and municipal authorities.

Mr Cantarell said: "It is a pleasure for me to be present at the closing of this great project that has enabled us to contribute to the entrepreneurs in the regions affected where help and support are essential.”

The “Rebuild your little store with Nestlé” initiative helped 30 business owners recover their labour sources after the impact of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in February that affected the south and centre of Chile.

The programme kicked off in April at Villa Prat, a rural town located 230 km south of Santiago.  The other new little stores reached other affected areas in the regions of Maule and Bio Bio.

The programme includes the construction of small shops and the initial stock donation of Nestlé products, including dairy, infant nutrition, coffee, confectionery, breakfast cereals and powdered beverages. The only condition set to Nestlé’s partners is to sell the products at affordable prices that benefit the community as well as their own business.

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