Nestlé Lanka expands dairy industry with new chilling centre

Sep 8, 2010
Dignitaries at the opening ceremony OPENING CEREMONY: From left Honourable Speaker of Parliment Chamal Rajapaksa, Environment Minister Anura P. Yapa, Nestlé Lanka Chairman Antonio Helio Waszyk, Nestlé Lanka Managing Director David Saudan and Nestlé Lanka Managing Director Designate Alois Hofbauer.

Nestlé Lanka inaugurated a new chilling centre in the northern province of Kilinochchi in Sri Lanka furthering its expansion in the dairy industry.

The new facility – which is the first to be opened in Kilinochchi in 30 years and will add to the Company’s 106 other chilling facilities in the country – was officially opened by Honourable Chamal Rajapaksa, Speaker of the Parliament and Honourable Anura P. Yapa, Minister of Environment. Nestlé plans to invest in eight more before the end of this year.

Antonio Helio Waszyk, Chairman of Nestlé Lanka and Head of the South Asia Region, attended the official opening with David Saudan, Managing Director for Nestlé Lanka, and Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director designate for Nestlé Lanka.

Honourable Rajapaksa said: “I thank Nestlé Lanka for upholding its commitment to develop the country’s dairy industry and supporting the Government’s initiative to develop the north eastern areas. The initiative is a solid testimony of their dedication to the local dairy industry, local rural communities and to the nation as a whole.”

Nestlé Lanka  

Mr Waszyk added: “This inauguration of the Chilling Centre at Kilinochchi is an important milestone in our endeavour to support the development of the dairy industry in Sri Lanka. Our 107th chilling centre is the first in the Kilinochchi area and we hope it will accelerate economic development and prosperity for the people in this region.

“It is highly gratifying to be able to spearhead an initiative that will create immense value for local rural communities, and which offers our company the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to Creating Shared Value (CSV), which is the basic way we do business.”

Nestlé Lanka  

Nestlé Lanka will provide dairy farmers with training, development, support and assistance via sustainable dairy farming best practices, along with aid and information on livestock health, breeding, milking, hygiene, sterile handling and storage.

In addition, Nestlé Lanka aims to help dairy farmers develop pasture and feed, with farmer incentives for artificial insemination; and will distribute equipment and supporting material such as milk churns and hampers containing cattle feed.

Having supported the Sri Lankan dairy sector since the early 1980’s, today Nestlé Lanka is the country’s single largest private sector collector of fresh milk, procuring an average of 115,000 litres of milk every day from 13,000 local dairy farmers.